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Undergoing surgery is a stressful time and it is obviously important to you that everything goes smoothly. The majority of surgical procedures in the UK are handled professionally and successfully, however, if you have suffered due to an error by your surgical team the consequences can be extremely serious.

Surgical errors cover a wide range of claims, not simply mistakes made by your surgeon. Types of claim can include:

  • Performing the wrong operation
  • Performing unnecessary surgery
  • Mistakes by the anaesthetist
  • Accidental perforations of organs
  • Damages to nerves, tissue and veins
  • Leaving items inside the patient
  • Infections caused by dirty instruments or conditions

These can occur in any type of surgery and can lead to a need for further treatment, surgery or rehabilitation.


Case study

Mr C underwent surgery to remove a lipoma, a non-cancerous fatty lump of tissue, from his neck. During the course of the surgery, the surgeon accidentally severed a nerve in the patient’s neck. As a result, Mr C was unable to lift his arm fully and experienced a lack of sensation in his neck and shoulder. He pursued a claim for clinical negligence with us and received a settlement of over £25,000.


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