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This can cover a wide variety of issues, injuries, failures and errors. In general terms, it is a failure by a healthcare professional to prescribe or provide the correct treatment or care for you in relation to the illness or injury you are suffering.

It can include failure to prescribe the correct, or any, medication for your condition, or prescribing the correct medication but in too high or too low a dosage, mistakes by your pharmacist to provide you with your correct prescription or by your nursing staff in administering your medication.

Alternatively, it can be that your doctor or surgeon has advised you that surgery is the only option when it is not necessary, appropriate or there are alternative routes you can take.

It may even be that your healthcare professional has failed to explain your treatment to you, including how to take your medication, precautions you should take or other information that is relevant or important.

If you have suffered injury or harm as a result of negligent medical advice, you may have a potential clinical negligence claim.

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